Lodge Visits June 2015

Royal Naval Lodge visit Zetland Lodge No.515 in Aldershot, Hampshire


Zetnad 1.jpg 

On Saturday 20th June 2015, following a successful visit of a large contingent of Royal Naval Lodge members to Malta in May, a smaller group went to Zetland Lodge No.515, who like RN were formerly of Malta, but are now relocated in Aldershot (in the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight)

Pictured left to right:
Chris Kelly (SW- RN), Mike Waterman (Sec-RN), Granville Angell,(Recipient of 50 year cert) Bill Withers, Asst PGM, Dan Bowler (JW-RN), Mark Twist (SD-RN), Scott Gibbons Asst Sec/LIO-RN) and Martin McGoldrick (Sec 515)

Zetland 2.jpg 

Whist in Malta the group met up with W.Bro. Granville Angell, PAG Pursuivant, a well known Masonic Historian and a former Prestonian lecturer, and author of a recent publication about those distinguished Brethren who during the Great War (1914 to 1918) won the Victoria Cross.
He mentioned that he would be receiving his 50 year Craft certificate at Zetland Lodge and it was our privilege to attend this special Masonic occasion. The certificate was presented by W.Bro. Bill Withers, Asst PGM of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, who gave an interesting insight into Granville’s life and Masonic experience and then we all listened to a fascinating talk on Zetland Lodge history by W.Bro. Angell, before retiring for an enjoyable luncheon.
The only disappointment was that more brethren were not present to witness this special milestone and indeed, two of our RN members actually took office during the ceremony when Bro. Daniel Bowler acted as Inner Guard and Bro. Mark Twist stood in as Junior Deacon. Both enjoyed the experience.

Another happy Masonic occasion enjoyed by all and fostering good relationships between Provinces.

Report prepared by W.Bro. Mike Waterman
Secretary - Royal Naval Lodge No.2761